Commit 2f2e0340 authored by Mark Haines's avatar Mark Haines
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const on right hand side

parent a0e9065f
......@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ std::size_t axolotl::Session::encrypt(
std::size_t padded = axolotl::aes_encrypt_cbc_length(plaintext_length);
std::uint32_t counter = keys.index;
const Curve25519PublicKey &ratchet_key = sender_chain[0].ratchet_key;
Curve25519PublicKey const & ratchet_key = sender_chain[0].ratchet_key;
axolotl::MessageWriter writer(axolotl::encode_message(
PROTOCOL_VERSION, counter, KEY_LENGTH, padded, output
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