Commit 3609227c authored by manuroe's avatar manuroe
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Fix arg name in comments

(cherry picked from commit c0a53ebaeda420f636698b99c393868d2bf8f905)
parent 086133f3
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ size_t olm_sas_get_pubkey(
* @param[in] sas the SAS object.
* @param[in] their_key the other user's public key.
* @param[in] their_key_size the size of the `their_key` buffer.
* @param[in] their_key_length the size of the `their_key` buffer.
* @return `olm_error()` on failure. If the `their_key` buffer is too small,
* then `olm_sas_last_error()` will be `INPUT_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL`.
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