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Contributing code to libolm
# Contributing code to libolm
To contribute code to this library, the preferred way is to clone the git
repository, create a git patch series (for example via ``git
......@@ -8,18 +7,16 @@ format-patch --stdout origin/master``), and send this by email to
Naturally, you must be willing to license your contributions under the same
license as the project itself - in this case, Apache Software License v2 (see
Sign off
## Sign off
In order to have a concrete record that your contribution is intentional and
you agree to license it under the same terms as the project's license, we've
adopted the same lightweight approach that the
`Linux Kernel <>`_,
`Docker <>`_,
and many other projects use: the DCO
(`Developer Certificate of Origin <>`_).
[Linux Kernel](,
and many other projects use: the DCO ([Developer Certificate of Origin](
This is a simple declaration that you wrote the contribution or otherwise have
the right to contribute it to Matrix::
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