Commit 6ed8d687 authored by Denis Kasak's avatar Denis Kasak Committed by Hubert Chathi
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Document olm_create_inbound_session_from properly.

The old docstring was the same as olm_create_inbound_session and didn't
explain the difference between them.
parent 3e6592e4
......@@ -311,14 +311,9 @@ size_t olm_create_inbound_session(
void * one_time_key_message, size_t message_length
/** Create a new in-bound session for sending/receiving messages from an
* incoming PRE_KEY message. Returns olm_error() on failure. If the base64
* couldn't be decoded then olm_session_last_error will be "INVALID_BASE64".
* If the message was for an unsupported protocol version then
* olm_session_last_error() will be "BAD_MESSAGE_VERSION". If the message
* couldn't be decoded then then olm_session_last_error() will be
* "BAD_MESSAGE_FORMAT". If the message refers to an unknown one time
* key then olm_session_last_error() will be "BAD_MESSAGE_KEY_ID". */
/** Same as olm_create_inbound_session, but ensures that the identity key
* in the pre-key message matches the expected identity key, supplied via the
* `their_identity_key` parameter. Fails early if there is no match. */
size_t olm_create_inbound_session_from(
OlmSession * session,
OlmAccount * account,
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