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This directory contains a collection of fuzzing tools. Each tests a different
entry point to the code.
Usage notes:
1. Install AFL:
.. code::
apt-get install afl
2. Build the fuzzers:
.. code::
make fuzzers
3. Some of the tests (eg ``fuzz_decrypt`` and ``fuzz_group_decrypt``) require a
session file. You can use the ones generated by the python test script
4. Make some work directories:
.. code::
mkdir -p fuzzing/in fuzzing/out
5. Generate starting input:
.. code::
echo "Test" > fuzzing/in/test
6. Run the test under ``afl-fuzz``:
.. code::
afl-fuzz -i fuzzing/in -o fuzzing/out -- \
./build/fuzzers/fuzz_<fuzzing_tool> [<test args>]
7. To resume with the data produced by an earlier run:
.. code::
./afl-fuzz -i- -o existing_output_dir [...etc...]
8. If it shows failures, pipe the failure case into
``./build/fuzzers/debug_<fuzzing_tool>``, fix, and repeat.
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