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Prep changelog for 2.2.0

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Changes in `2.2.0 <>`_
This release includes the following changes since 2.1.0:
* Add Java wrappers to allow use under Android.
New functionality:
* Add a number of methods allowing InboundGroupSessions to be exported and
imported. These are: ``olm_inbound_group_session_first_known_index``,
``olm_export_inbound_group_session``, ``olm_import_inbound_group_session``
and ``olm_inbound_group_session_is_verified``. Corresponding wrappers are
available in the Javascript, Python, Objective-C and Android wrappers.
Objective-C wrapper:
* Fix a number of issues with the build scripts which prevented it being used
for macOS/Swift projects. Thanks to Avery Pierce.
Changes in `2.1.0 <>`_
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