Commit a07e27cf authored by Hubert Chathi's avatar Hubert Chathi
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Merge branch 'sas-base64-fix' into 'master'

sas: Fix the base64 encoding of the MAC.

See merge request !16
parents 23e04860 f46577a0
......@@ -131,6 +131,38 @@ size_t olm_sas_mac_length(
return _olm_encode_base64_length(SHA256_OUTPUT_LENGTH);
// A version of the calculate mac function that produces base64 strings that are
// compatible with other base64 implementations.
size_t olm_sas_calculate_mac_fixed_base64(
OlmSAS * sas,
const void * input, size_t input_length,
const void * info, size_t info_length,
void * mac, size_t mac_length
) {
if (mac_length < olm_sas_mac_length(sas)) {
sas->last_error = OLM_OUTPUT_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL;
return (size_t)-1;
if (!sas->their_key_set) {
sas->last_error = OLM_SAS_THEIR_KEY_NOT_SET;
return (size_t)-1;
uint8_t key[32];
sas->secret, sizeof(sas->secret),
NULL, 0,
(const uint8_t *) info, info_length,
key, 32
uint8_t temp_mac[32];
_olm_crypto_hmac_sha256(key, 32, input, input_length, temp_mac);
_olm_encode_base64((const uint8_t *)temp_mac, SHA256_OUTPUT_LENGTH, (uint8_t *)mac);
return 0;
size_t olm_sas_calculate_mac(
OlmSAS * sas,
const void * input, size_t input_length,
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