Commit a715fc7d authored by Richard van der Hoff's avatar Richard van der Hoff
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Run the tests against the shared library

It would be nice if the tests tested what we'd built, not something different.
parent 25953b35
......@@ -21,16 +21,15 @@ if not os.path.exists("build"):
test_files = glob.glob("tests/test_*.cpp")
source_files = glob.glob("src/*.cpp")
compile_args = "g++ -g -O0 -Itests/include -Iinclude -Ilib --std=c++11".split()
compile_args += source_files
compile_args = ("g++ -g -O0 -Itests/include -Iinclude -Ilib --std=c++11 "+
"-L build").split()
def run(args):
def run(args, *xargs, **kwargs):
print " ".join(args)
subprocess.check_call(args, *xargs, **kwargs)
for test_file in test_files:
exe_file = "build/" + test_file[5:-4]
run(compile_args + [test_file, "-o", exe_file])
exe_file = "build/" + test_file[6:-4]
run(compile_args + [test_file, "-lolm", "-o", exe_file])
run([exe_file], env={'LD_LIBRARY_PATH':'./build'})
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