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Prepare changelog for v1.2.0

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Changes in `1.2.0 <>`_
This release updates the implementation of group session communications, to
include Ed25519 signatures on group messages, to ensure that participants in
group sessions cannot masquerade as each other.
These changes necessitate changes to the pickle format of inbound and outbound
group sessions, as well as the session_keys exchanged between them. No attempt
has been made to preserve backwards-compatibility:
* Attempting to restore old pickles will give ``OLM_CORRUPTED_PICKLE``.
* Attempting to send session_keys between old and new versions will give
* Attempting to send messages between old and new versions will give one of a
number of errors.
There were also a number of implementation changes made as part of this
release, aimed at making the codebase more consistent, and to help with the
implementation of the group message signatures.
Changes in `1.1.0 <>`_
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