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......@@ -136,11 +136,13 @@ make test
# build and test JS wrapper
make js
(cd javascript && npm run test && npm pack javascript)
(cd javascript && \
npm run test && \
sha256sum olm.js olm_legacy.js olm.wasm > checksums.txt && \
gpg -b -a -u F75FDC22C1DE8453 checksums.txt && \
npm publish)
gpg -b -a -u F75FDC22C1DE8453 javascript/olm-$VERSION.tgz
scp javascript/olm-$VERSION.tgz
git tag $VERSION -s
git push --tags
......@@ -153,6 +155,12 @@ pod trunk push OLMKit.podspec --use-libraries --allow-warnings
pod search OLMKit
Python and JavaScript packages are published to the registry at
<>. The GitLab
documentation contains instructions on how to set up twine (Python) and npm
(JavaScript) to upload to the registry.
## Design
Olm is designed to be easy port to different platforms and to be easy
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