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Xcode: Add support of Swift Package Manager

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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
# Xcode
// swift-tools-version:5.3
import PackageDescription
let major = 3, minor = 2, patch = 2
let package = Package(
name: "Olm",
platforms: [.iOS(.v8), .macOS(.v10_10)],
products: [
.library(name: "libolm", targets: ["libolm"]),
.library(name: "OLMKit", targets: ["OLMKit"])
targets: [
name: "libolm",
path: ".",
sources: [
cSettings: [
.define("OLMLIB_VERSION_MAJOR", to: "\(major)"),
.define("OLMLIB_VERSION_MINOR", to: "\(minor)"),
.define("OLMLIB_VERSION_PATCH", to: "\(patch)")
name: "OLMKit",
dependencies: ["libolm"],
path: "xcode/OLMKit",
exclude: ["Info.plist"],
cSettings: [
name: "OLMKitTests",
dependencies: ["OLMKit"],
path: "xcode/OLMKitTests",
exclude: ["Info.plist"],
cSettings: [
cLanguageStandard: .c99,
cxxLanguageStandard: .cxx11
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ endorsed by the Foundation C.I.C.
## Release process
First: bump version numbers in ````, ``CMakeLists.txt``,
``javascript/package.json``, ``python/olm/``, ``OLMKit.podspec``,
``javascript/package.json``, ``python/olm/``, ``OLMKit.podspec``, ``Package.swift``,
and ``android/olm-sdk/build.gradle`` (``versionCode``, ``versionName`` and
module libolm {
header "olm/olm.h"
export *
module OLMKit {
header "../OLMAccount.h"
header "../OLMSession.h"
header "../OLMMessage.h"
header "../OLMUtility.h"
header "../OLMInboundGroupSession.h"
header "../OLMOutboundGroupSession.h"
header "../OLMPkEncryption.h"
header "../OLMPkDecryption.h"
header "../OLMPkSigning.h"
header "../OLMSAS.h"
export *
......@@ -12,15 +12,22 @@ the latest OLMKit release is::
pod 'OLMKit'
Or you can use Swift Package Manager with the URL::
Run `pod install` and open `OLMKit.xcworkspace`.
Run `pod install` and open `OLMKit.xcworkspace` with Xcode.
The project contains only tests files. The libolm and the Objective-C wrapper source files are loaded via the OLMKit CocoaPods pod.
To add a new source file, add it to the file system and run `pod update` to make CocoaPods insert it into OLMKit.xcworkspace.
Development alternative
Based on the Swift package, you can build source files and run tests directly from the command line: `swift test`.
See ../README.rst for the release of the CocoaPod.
See ../README.rst for the release of the CocoaPod and the Swift package.
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