Commit e6f8a99b authored by Hubert Chathi's avatar Hubert Chathi
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add missing declaration for PkDecryption#decrypt and SAS class

parent f409b69e
......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ declare class PkDecryption {
get_private_key(): Uint8Array;
pickle(key: string): string;
unpickle(key: string, pickle: string): string;
decrypt(ephemeral_key: string, mac: string, ciphertext: string): string;
declare class PkSigning {
......@@ -109,6 +110,16 @@ declare class PkSigning {
sign(message: string): string;
declare class SAS {
free(): void;
get_pubkey(): string;
set_their_key(their_key: string): void;
generate_bytes(info: string, length: number): Uint8Array;
calculate_mac(input: string, info: string): string;
calculate_mac_long_kdf(input: string, info: string): string;
export function init(): Promise<void>;
export function get_library_version(): [number, number, number];
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