This release includes the following changes since 3.2.1:

  • Fixes in the TypeScript definition file.
  • CMake build fixes. Thanks to Gorgurov Alexey.
  • Change the JavaScript package name to @matrix-org/olm. Note that this means that packages will need to change their require or import statements to use this new name.
  • Include file checksums in the JavaScript package.
  • Fix length calculation in fallback key json. Thanks to Tobias Furuholm.
  • Add a new function to calculate the correct base64 encoding for SAS. (Currently only available in the C API.)
  • Add the ability to specify a pickle key in the Objective-C binding.
  • Add pkg-config file on Unix-like systems.

NPM packages can now be installed using the instructions at https://gitlab.matrix.org/matrix-org/olm/-/packages/4, and pre-built Python packages can be installed (for Linux on x86-64, i686, and aarch64) using pip install python-olm --extra-index-url https://gitlab.matrix.org/api/v4/projects/27/packages/pypi/simple.