Commit 22f85d3f authored by Lukas Lihotzki's avatar Lukas Lihotzki
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simplify Makefile (olm_legacy.js)

parent 6611165b
......@@ -210,12 +210,11 @@ $(JS_ASMJS_TARGET): $(JS_OBJECTS) $(JS_PRE) $(JS_POST) $(JS_EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS)
$(foreach f,$(JS_PRE),--pre-js $(f)) \
$(foreach f,$(JS_POST),--post-js $(f)) \
$(foreach f,$(JS_PREFIX),--extern-pre-js $(f)) \
$(foreach f,$(JS_SUFFIX),--extern-post-js $(f)) \
-o $@ $(JS_OBJECTS)
mv $@ javascript/olmtmp.js
cat $(JS_PREFIX) javascript/olmtmp.js $(JS_SUFFIX) > $@
rm javascript/olmtmp.js
build_tests: $(TEST_BINARIES)
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