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Merge pull request #24 from matrix-org/rav/one_time_keys_comment

Update comment on olm_account_one_time_keys
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......@@ -205,7 +205,21 @@ size_t olm_account_one_time_keys_length(
/** Writes the public parts of the unpublished one time keys for the account
* into the one_time_keys output buffer. Returns olm_error() on failure.
* into the one_time_keys output buffer.
* <p>
* The returned data is a JSON-formatted object with the single property
* <tt>curve25519</tt>, which is itself an object mapping key id to
* base64-encoded Curve25519 key. For example:
* <pre>
* {
* curve25519: {
* "AAAAAA": "wo76WcYtb0Vk/pBOdmduiGJ0wIEjW4IBMbbQn7aSnTo",
* "AAAAAB": "LRvjo46L1X2vx69sS9QNFD29HWulxrmW11Up5AfAjgU"
* }
* }
* </pre>
* Returns olm_error() on failure.
* <p>
* If the one_time_keys buffer was too small then olm_account_last_error()
size_t olm_account_one_time_keys(
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