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......@@ -161,10 +161,10 @@ described in [The Megolm ratchet algorithm](#the-megolm-ratchet-algorithm), usin
H_0(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{"\x00"}) \\
H_1(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{"\x01"}) \\
H_2(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{"\x02"}) \\
H_3(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{"\x03"}) \\
H_0(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{``\char`\\x00"}) \\
H_1(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{``\char`\\x01"}) \\
H_2(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{``\char`\\x02"}) \\
H_3(A) &\equiv \operatorname{HMAC}(A,\text{``\char`\\x03"}) \\
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