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s/ephemeral/one-time/ in olm spec

We're standardising on 'one-time keys' as a term for the thing that Bob uploads
for prekey messages.
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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ Initial setup
The setup takes four Curve25519_ inputs: Identity keys for Alice and Bob,
:math:`I_A` and :math:`I_B`, and ephemeral keys for Alice and Bob,
:math:`I_A` and :math:`I_B`, and one-time keys for Alice and Bob,
:math:`E_A` and :math:`E_B`. A shared secret, :math:`S`, is generated using
`Triple Diffie-Hellman`_. The initial 256 bit root key, :math:`R_0`, and 256
bit chain key, :math:`C_{0,0}`, are derived from the shared secret using an
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