Commit 71bcaa5d authored by Mark Haines's avatar Mark Haines
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Add a test to check the equivalence of session ids for inbound and outbound sessions

parent 6971f54f
......@@ -133,6 +133,26 @@ int main() {
inbound_session, 0U, session_key, session_key_len);
assert_equals((size_t)0, res);
/* Check the session ids */
size_t out_session_id_len = olm_outbound_group_session_id_length(session);
uint8_t out_session_id[out_session_id_len];
assert_equals(out_session_id_len, olm_outbound_group_session_id(
session, out_session_id, out_session_id_len
size_t in_session_id_len = olm_inbound_group_session_id_length(
uint8_t in_session_id[in_session_id_len];
assert_equals(in_session_id_len, olm_inbound_group_session_id(
inbound_session, in_session_id, in_session_id_len
assert_equals(in_session_id_len, out_session_id_len);
assert_equals(out_session_id, in_session_id, in_session_id_len);
/* decode the message */
/* olm_group_decrypt_max_plaintext_length destroys the input so we have to
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