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......@@ -95,6 +95,24 @@ find_package(Olm::Olm REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(my_exe Olm::Olm)
## Bindings
libolm can be used in different environments using bindings. In addition to the
JavaScript, Python, Java (Android), and Objective-C bindings included in this
repository, some bindings are (in alphabetical order):
- [dart-olm]( (AGPLv3) Dart bindings
- [Dhole/go-olm]( (Apache-2.0) Go bindings
- [libQtOlm]( (GPLv3) Qt bindings
- [matrix-kt]( (Apache-2.0) Kotlin
library for Matrix, including Olm methods
- [](
(Apache-2.0) fork of Dhole/go-olm
- [olm-sys]( (Apache-2.0) Rust
Note that bindings may have a different license from libolm.
## Release process
First: bump version numbers in ````, ``CMakeLists.txt``,
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