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      Another day, another interface · 263b9442
      David Baker authored
      Change the interface again, hopefully this time a bit more normal.
      Now we wrap the emscripten module completely and just expose the
      high level objects.
      The olm library export is now imported as normal (ie. returns
      a module rather than a function returning a module) but has an
      `init` method which *must* be called. This returns a promise
      which resolves when the module is ready. It also rejects if the
      module failed to set up, unlike before (and unlike the
      promise-not-a-promise that emscripten returns).
      Generally catch failures to init the module.
  3. 21 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Make OLM_OPTIONS work again · 5e87db61
      David Baker authored
      The closure compiler was just renaming the variable so it never
      would have picked them up. Make it an extern so it knows what to do.
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      WebAssembly support! · 122867c4
      David Baker authored
      Quite a lot going on in this PR:
       * Updates to support recent emscripten, switching to WASM which is now the default
       * Use emscripten's MODULARIZE option rather than wrapping it ourself, since doing
         so in pre-post js doesn't work anymore.
       * Most changes are moving the emscripten runtime functions to top-level
         calls rather than in the Module object.
       * Get rid of duplicated NULL_BYTE_PADDING_LENGTH
       * Fix ciphertext_length used without being declared
       * Fix things that caused the closure compiler to error, eg. using
         OLM_OPTIONS without a declaration.
       * Wait until module is inited to do OLM_ERROR = olm_error()
      The main BREAKING CHANGE here is that the module now needs to initialise
      asyncronously (because it has to load the wasm file). require()ing olm
      now gives a function which needs to be called to create an instance.
      The resulting object has a promise-like then() method that can be used
      to detect when the module is ready. (We could use MODULARIZE_INSTANCE
      to return the module directly as before, rather than the function,
      but then we don't get the .then() method).
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      Fix Ed25519 keypair generation · 0c462cff
      Richard van der Hoff authored
      Ed25519 private keys, it turns out, have 64 bytes, not 32.
      We were previously generating only 32 bytes (which is all that is required to
      generate the public key), and then using the public key as the upper 32 bytes
      when generating the per-message session key. This meant that everything
      appeared to work, but the security of the private key was severely compromised.
      By way of fixes:
       * Use the correct algorithm for generating the Ed25519 private key, and store
         all 512 bits of it.
       * Update the account pickle format and refuse to load the old format (since we
         should consider it compromised).
       * Bump the library version, and add a function to retrieve the library
         version, so that applications can verify that they are linked against a
         fixed version of the library.
       * Remove the curve25519_{sign, verify} functions which were unused and of
         dubious quality.
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      Add an install and an install-debug targets · c8d00665
      Emmanuel Gil Peyrot authored
      This makes the user able to use the familiar `make install` syntax, and
      allows overriding of the default directories using the DESTDIR and
      PREFIX variables, for example:
       make DESTDIR=packaging PREFIX=/usr install
    • Emmanuel Gil Peyrot's avatar
      Specify the soname in the library and its name · 06cdb3f7
      Emmanuel Gil Peyrot authored
      This provides users of this library the guarantee that the ABI will
      stay stable when MAJOR will reach 1, and will stay backwards compatible
      for the entire duration of the 1.x.y branch.
      It does require the maintainers to always update the version in the
      Makefile at every ABI change.
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