Commit e4b5358f authored by Gil Eluard's avatar Gil Eluard
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Show / Hide integrations and actions in rooms

- Initial Build Settings
parent 16da1f56
......@@ -262,14 +262,14 @@ final class BuildSettings: NSObject {
static let roomScreenAllowVoIPForDirectRoom: Bool = true
static let roomScreenAllowVoIPForNonDirectRoom: Bool = true
static let roomScreenAllowCameraAction: Bool = false
static let roomScreenAllowMediaLibraryAction: Bool = false
static let roomScreenAllowCameraAction: Bool = true
static let roomScreenAllowMediaLibraryAction: Bool = true
static let roomScreenAllowStickerAction: Bool = true
static let roomScreenAllowFilesAction: Bool = true
// MARK: - Room Info Screen
static let roomInfoScreenShowIntegrations: Bool = false
static let roomInfoScreenShowIntegrations: Bool = true
// MARK: - Room Settings Screen
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