Commit 8d8d074f authored by Olivier Wilkinson (reivilibre)'s avatar Olivier Wilkinson (reivilibre)
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Skip lines that cause errors :/

parent c5b12c7d
......@@ -260,6 +260,11 @@ def gil2trace(input, verbose=1, take_probe="python:take_gil$", take_probe_return
common = {"pid": parent_pid if as_async else f'{parent_pid}-GIL', "tid": f'{pid}', 'cat': 'GIL state', 'args': args, 'id': event_id, 'cname': 'bad'}
# we may have called take_gil earlier than we got it back
# sth like [called take [ take success [still dropping]]]
if pid not in wants_take_gil:
print(f'Ignoring {event}: pid not in wants_take_gil')
yield header, {"name": 'GIL', "ph": begin, "ts": wants_take_gil[pid], **common, 'cname': 'bad'}
if not only_lock and pid in wants_take_gil:
yield header, {"name": 'take_gil', "ph": begin, "ts": wants_take_gil[pid], **common}
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