Commit b83a0c09 authored by David Baker's avatar David Baker
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Fix comment and also js build

The python that searches the header files for exports isn't smart
enough to know what is a comment and what isn't, so it picks this
up too and emscripten then complains about it being undefined.
parent 57b6839c
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ size_t olm_pickle_pk_decryption_length(
/** Stores decryption object as a base64 string. Encrypts the object using the
* supplied key. Returns the length of the pickled object on success.
* Returns olm_error() on failure. If the pickle output buffer
* is smaller than olm_pickle_decryption_length() then
* is smaller than olm_pickle_pk_decryption_length() then
* olm_pk_decryption_last_error() will be "OUTPUT_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL" */
size_t olm_pickle_pk_decryption(
OlmPkDecryption * decryption,
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