Commit c81dfd07 authored by Hubert Chathi's avatar Hubert Chathi
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fix Python build

parent 4fb723ca
......@@ -5,18 +5,18 @@ OLM_HEADERS = ../include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/inbound_group_session.h \
include/olm/olm.h: $(OLM_HEADERS)
mkdir -p include/olm
$(CPP) -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/olm.h
$(CPP) -DOLM_STATIC_DEFINE -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/olm.h
# add memset to the header so that we can use it to clear buffers
echo 'void *memset(void *s, int c, size_t n);' >> include/olm/olm.h
include/olm/pk.h: include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/pk.h
$(CPP) -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/pk.h ../include/olm/pk.h
$(CPP) -DOLM_STATIC_DEFINE -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/pk.h ../include/olm/pk.h
include/olm/sas.h: include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/sas.h
$(CPP) -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/sas.h ../include/olm/sas.h
$(CPP) -DOLM_STATIC_DEFINE -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/sas.h ../include/olm/sas.h
include/olm/error.h: include/olm/olm.h ../include/olm/error.h
$(CPP) -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/error.h ../include/olm/error.h
$(CPP) -DOLM_STATIC_DEFINE -I dummy -I ../include -o include/olm/error.h ../include/olm/error.h
headers: include/olm/olm.h include/olm/pk.h include/olm/sas.h include/olm/error.h
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