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Add explanation of the notation in the spec

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......@@ -4,6 +4,19 @@ Olm: A Cryptographic Ratchet
An implementation of the cryptographic ratchet described by
This document uses :math:`\parallel` to represent string concatenation. When
:math:`\parallel` appears on the right hand side of an :math:`=` it means that
the inputs are concatenated. When :math:`\parallel` appears on the left hand
side of an :math:`=` it means that the output is split.
When this document uses :math:`ECDH\left(K_A,\,K_B\right)` it means that each
party computes a Diffie-Hellman agreement using their private key and the
remote parties public key.
So party :math:`A` computes :math:`ECDH\left(K_B_public,\,K_A_private\right)`
and party :math:`B` computes :math:`ECDH\left(K_A_public,\,K_B_private\right)`
The Olm Algorithm
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