Commit c8c5f35b authored by Richard van der Hoff's avatar Richard van der Hoff
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crypto.cpp: Fix comments

These seem to be the wrong way around.
parent acae4e84
......@@ -298,14 +298,14 @@ void olm::hkdf_sha256(
salt_length = sizeof(HKDF_DEFAULT_SALT);
/* Expand */
/* Extract */
hmac_sha256_key(salt, salt_length, hmac_key);
hmac_sha256_init(&context, hmac_key);
::sha256_update(&context, input, input_length);
hmac_sha256_final(&context, hmac_key, step_result);
hmac_sha256_key(step_result, olm::SHA256_OUTPUT_LENGTH, hmac_key);
/* Extract */
/* Expand */
hmac_sha256_init(&context, hmac_key);
::sha256_update(&context, info, info_length);
::sha256_update(&context, &iteration, 1);
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